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Our Patron Saint

According to tradition, St. Dorothy was a resident of Caesarea, Capadocia during the early 4th century, AD. When she refused to sacrifice to the gods during Emperor Diocletian's persecution of the Christians, St. Dorothy was tortured by the governor and ordered to be executed. 
On the way to the place of execution, she met a young lawyer, Theophilus, who mockingly asked her to send him fruits from "the garden" she had joyously announced she would soon be in.
As St. Dorothy knelt for execution, she prayed. An angel with a basket of three roses and three apples appeared. She sent these to Theophilus, along with a message telling him she would meet him in the garden. Theophilus was converted to Christianity and was later martyred for his faith. 
The feast of St. Dorothy is celebrated on February 6th.
St. Dorothy is the patron saint of florists.